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Graduates Galore At Limitless Digital Group

A Proud Moment For LDG Employees

At Limitless Digital Group we love to share great news about our wonderful members of staff – and we love it, even more, when our workforce wax lyrical about how much they love working here with us too!

One such moment came about recently when our very talented French Marketing Executive – Jeremy Tousch – gave a very touching and flattering interview to UCLan about his love of all things Lancashire and his enjoyment in his new role here at LDG.

Jeremy came to the UK three years ago to complete a degree in International Business and Communication and he loved it ‘Up North’ so much that he decided to stay and complete a Master’s at the University of Central Lancashire too!

Recently completing his studies and having gained an incredibly impressive ‘Distinction’ in his Msc Marketing Management degree – not to mention the School Prize for the Highest Average Percentage Mark (oooh err!) – Jeremy spoke very highly of his time in the Red Rose county and his love of all things Limitless.

Student outside the preston guild hall with mortarboard receiving his masters degree

In an interview with UCLan press officer, Lyndsey Boardman – at his recent graduation – Jeremy said he “always wanted to study in the UK” and that graduating with his master’s degree had made him “incredibly proud”, adding that he had “fallen in love” with the UK.

We’re all very fond of you too Jeremy!

Since joining Limitless Digital back in June 2017, Jeremy has made great use of the work he did throughout his master’s, transferring many of the practical skills he learnt whilst studying into his job.

He has even passed on some of the fabulous market research techniques he used for his dissertation to other teams at Limitless Digital, and has really made an impact in the six months he has been here.

A multi-linguist, Jeremy may be a part of the French Marketing team for Hudson Reed FR, but he frequently helps out across the other sites too, offering a unique insight and expertise that he gained throughout his studies.

We have to say we’re very proud to have Jeremy in our ranks and even more proud that he has a love of all things Lancashire.

Congratulations Jeremy and long may it continue!

students throwing mortarboards at graduation

But Wait, There’s More

The great graduation news doesn’t stop there…

We have two other shiny new master’s working in the L1 offices, alongside a very happy new bachelorette (if that’s a word), a man of science (physics to be exact) and a very proud graduate in our Quality team too – so it would be rude and remiss not to give each of them mention as well!

German Marketing Executive, Belinda Fischer achieved an MA in Intercultural Business Communication – alongside receiving the school prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement and our Commercial Analyst, Rebecca Roberts, was awarded an MA in Psychology.

Elsewhere, our latest PIM recruit (and all-round dapper gent), Dominic Green, was also getting his robes on to celebrate his BSc in Physics – winging his way back from Exeter with degree documents in hand, to be met by his proud as punch ‘pimster’ colleagues.

And, not to be outdone or outshone by her workmates, our Italian Marketing Executive, Laura Haygarth, also celebrated her graduation as she was awarded a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing – meaning that the four of them, alongside Jeremy, have helped to increase the collective IQ of the L1 office by a few points at least.

Elsewhere, QA Compliance Administrator Richard I’Anson successfully achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Computing and an Open University qualification in IT; allowing him to proudly add some letters after his already wonderfully sounding and exotic name.

Safe to say, we’re lucky to have some incredibly talented people here at Limitless Digital Group and very proud to call them friends and colleagues.

Congratulations to them all, and all the very best in their future careers here at LDG.

Well done!

*Throws Mortarboard in the air*


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